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MPI are a contracting company specialising in all aspects of Sprayed & Injected Polyurethane foams as well as high performance coatings, often used in conjunction with P.U. foam insulation.

P.U. Foams have excellent insulation properties and the fact that they can be sprayed or injected, means there is a system for virtually every application.

Systems are available with a range of physical properties, predominantly closed cell rigid spray foams are used which are inherently waterproof. Systems are available with Class 1 & Class 0 fire ratings, as well as BBA Certification.

Open cell low density so called ‘soft’ foam systems are also available for specific applications.

We are approved by all the major raw materials suppliers, including BASF Polyurethanes UK for their range of BBA approved Walltite systems, Edu-Chem for their range of foam systems and Isothane Ltd for their foam insulation and coating systems including Technitherm & Duratherm, BBA approved systems.

MPI have been in business in our present format since 1985. We operate a Quality System to ISO 9001 We are BBA approved installers No. 4061 and are Constructionline & Trustmark accredited and are full BUFCA members since 1986

CORIAN Corian Collection

we've got it covered

  • Sprayed Polyurethane Foam
  • Cavity Wall & Stabilisation Foams
  • Marine & Buoyancy
  • Condensation Control
  • Protective Coatings
  • Heavy Duty Elastomers & Polyurea Coatings
  • Acoustic Fibre
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HI MACS HI-MACS Collection

Different Usage

  • Domestic/Residential
  • Industrial/Commercial
  • Marine/Buoyancy
  • Unusual Applications
  • Case Histories
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HI MACS HI-MACS Collection

Help Industrial Energy users

When considering insulation systems, consideration should also be given to the Environment.

BRE paper IP 2/93 outlines considerations to be made when refurbishment projects are carried out.

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